Red Ombre

This is a red ombre my co worker Sarah did yesterday! The client was previously a faded intense red, i wish I had a before and after! The color is so vibrant and even more beautiful in person! This is defiantly a way to keep the ombre trend fresh and fun!

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Red Ombre



The other day at work we had an in-house Aveda workshop known as “Balayage Basics”. Now for anyone not familiar with the term balayage the technique originated in France and literally means “to sweep” in French. Although balayage has been around for many years it became popular in the U.S. thanks to the beautiful Gisele Bundchen. Her hair appeared to be perfectly sunkissed and lighter through the face and ends, less linear and perfect then the effect we achieve with foils. Now you can not turn a Victoria Secret magazine page without seeing girls with beautiful ribbons of balayage highlights! The look is low maintenance and the grow out is beautiful. Balayage is also a great way to achieve the ombre effect with no harsh lines. Since the color is painted on the hair in a sweeping motion you do not get stark lines like you would with foils. Now foils would still be
my go to for the die hard blondes who want to be as light and as close to the root as possible but balayage is a fun alternative for the girl who wants that beachy blonde! Anyway the class was exciting and I am loving playing with application and placement it is always fun to break outside your comfort zone! I included a very natural balayage application to one of my color clients…very natural but beautiful!