Better than Sex…Mascara!

With a name like Better than Sex this mascara has to be good right?!? Late last year Too Faced released this new “voluptous volume” mascara and I’ve been dying to give it a try! The wand is rather large and almost hourglass shaped, the tube itself is also bigger then most mascaras I have purchased.image

image Now usually with mascaras I typically just go for the drugstore brands…bad I know but it’s always in a moment of desperation I need a quick fix. There is nothing worse then a dried up clumpy mascara. Anyway I finally got my hands on this amazing product and I love it. I have forever been converted, no more cheap mascara! I don’t have very thick eyelashes so even with light eye makeup (which doesn’t happen often) it makes my eyes pop! I usually apply two coats on the upper lashes alternating one coat on left, one coat on right and then second on left, second on right as to let the first coat dry before applying a second, I feel like this builds lashes cleaner and won’t give you a clumpy application! If you apply mascara to the bottom lashes be sure not to dip the wand back in the tube since it is very large you’ll have plenty of leftover product on the wand to lightly run the tip along the lower lash line. This mascara is $23 so I feel like it falls right in the middle for price point but, worth every penny. And on another note it’s always fun when people ask what mascara your wearing…well it’s Better than Sex of course 😉 Below I added pictures of my lashes with two coats! imageimageimageimage