How I saved $240 at Charlotte Russe!

One thing you can guarantee when you work in a all female salon is that you will defiantly be invited to your fair share of jewelry parties. So since I know my way around a Stella and dot catalog I was excited to find a dead ringer for the Temptest Necklace, one of Stella and Dots best selling necklaces that is actually back ordered till May 16. I was at charolette Russe and found this necklace for only $8. Now I’m not gonna say that the Stella and Dot necklace doesn’t have finer detailing and of course it also includes that really cool brass closure but with a difference in price of $190 I think I can deal!

Stella and Dot

Stella and Dot

Charlotte Russe at only $8

Charlotte Russe at only $8

I also had been dying to get my hands on the renegade cluster bracelet by Stella and dot but when I saw a very similar set of bangles I couldn’t resist. Now I have several pandora bracelets (all silver) and I figured by stacking the gold bracelets with my much more expensive pandoras it would distract the eye anyway. So basically why bother spending $59 on a single bracelet thats going to get lost in the crowd when you can get a fun set for a tenth of the price!
Stella and Dot

Stella and Dot

Charlotte Russe mixed with Pandora

Charlotte Russe mixed with Pandora

Anyway my thoughts have always been why spend hundreds of dollars on trendy costume jewelry. I would much rather invest in life long gold, silver, diamond, etc piece then a statement necklace for a night out on the town. Now I know it’s hard to deny a close friends jewelry party invite and almost impossible to leave with out purchasing but try to make sure the piece is one of a kind because if it isn’t you never know where it’s going pop up…and with a much lower price tag!


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